Daily Good News 20: On the verge of a medical breakthrough

Peeking at the stats, DGN is doing pretty well for itself. I really think it can lead this blog to some great heights. I want to first start this post by saying, at the end of the post, there will be a poll asking what you like about DALANEL. Please vote. Right now, there are only three features active on DALANEL. I’m thinking about a fourth one that will be weekly on Thursday but we’ll see.

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Mmh, that’s interesting. Okay, let’s see what good is going on in the world.

We got a few good men save an elderly man from drowning. The old guy accidentally drove into a river and was going down with the car. The men jumped in and kept the man from drowning, although the man was stuck in the car so they basically had to keep the car afloat until help arrived. The whole thing was caught on video.

Time for another medical breakthrough story. Scientists are on the verge of sorting out our bacteria. Know that there are some good “germs” in our body that help us. But, there are bad ones of course. The group is on the verge of being able to…ya know what, read this snippet; it’ll explain it better than I can:

“Imagine a microscope slide. On that microscope slide, we’ve etched some channels with the same technology that you make computer microchips with,” he said. “We are able to take those small channels, put some fluids and some blood — and obviously bacteria and other materials in there — and isolate and concentrate the good ones from the bad ones.”

That would lead to better preventive measures as you would be able to identify bad stuff before they get too out of hand. It may not seem like a big deal, but, do we want it to be? I hope it works out.

This story is yet to be resolved, but, a 9 year old saved his family from a house fire. It took the house. They don’t have renters insurance so they are actually homeless right now. Still:

“When I woke up I looked at the wall and the flames were coming from the electrical outlet,” Jessica said, “If Vince didn’t wake up, since it was right next to my bed, it would have lit my bed up and we all would have been burned.”

Yeah, his name is Vincent. As soon as I can, I’ll give you an update. Hopefully they can get some donations or something. Ultimately, a new place to live is the update I’m looking for.

Great stories. Don’t forget about that poll…

Thanks for reading and voting. There’s more polls on DALANEL Polls page. Make sure your voice is heard.



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