I’ve been volunteering at my church’s foodbank since November 2007. So, it’s been six years now. For my first several years, I was a “Runner”. A runner just carried the bags of food for elderly/handicap/women folks.

Many negative experiences caused me to eventually stop doing that and I wanting to leave foodbank altogether.

As you know, I don’t really want to volunteer my time. So, why do I still go? There’s no good looking girls there so we can cut that out. Not like we serve “good” food by my standards. Besides, the food’s for the people; not the help. When I was a Runner, the number one rule was not to accept tips. So, I wasn’t getting paid.

Trust me, nothing really brings me out for my own personal gain. So, the question still remains: Why in the heck am I showing up?

Well, after I called myself leaving, God told me exactly why I was supposed to show up. See, there’s a period before you get your food, the people sit in a “waiting room” of sorts. There, I, along with a couple of other men, talk to the people. We’ll pray for them. I might read a chapter or two from my book. Some of them have poems or a song to sing. It’s a nice little church service, if you will.

Well, I don’t really get into all of that because I always imagined myself someone who doesn’t like to talk in front of people anyway. God don’t care bout dat, doe. He told me that I had to go. So, I was like, okay, I’ll go, but only if I’m needed. For instance, if the other gentlemen couldn’t attend, then I would step in and guide the “service”. No problem. Very soon after that, one of the men had a stroke.


Had a stoke. And then it hit me: God wanted me involved because, well, there may be a day where I have to step in. As a youngster, I’m the “future” for this particular role. My original plan was to shot up whenever I was needed. Now, I’ve got to show up because, well, strokes are pretty serious.

Oh, he survived and is actually doing pretty ok. Struggles to walk, but everything else is ok. He still comes. But, clearly, I have to take a larger role.

I have to go back. There are two gentlemen with me. However, before the stroke, it was actually just I and this guy, who is a mentor and close family friend. The third guy didn’t show up until a little later.

This third guy that came, does a little sermon. The first guy handles social interactions. He’ll talk to the people and has a great knack for getting people to sing or share a poem or testimony. Those two make a great team, and, quite frankly, I’m not needed.

Or so I thought.

Well, I decided to at least try my trick. What could I present? And then, it hit me: Use the blog, Dante. Use DALANEL. So now, I actually share my latest Weekly News with the people. That’s my thing. They have a good laugh with the weird and funny news and celebrate with the good and positive news.

It’s perfect. And it really makes me realize how awesome this blog can be.

If there’s one thing about this whole experience is that, I don’t know people’s initial reaction when they read these posts. I can only go by likes per post or if there’s a comment. Both are rare. So, I rarely know if these Daily Good Stuff and Daily Good News and other featured posts are doing anything.

Seeing a reaction in person changes my outlook on the blog. People do value what I bring, even if I don’t always get feedback.

And so, I go to foodbank with a slightly encouraged spirit. I mean, Lord knows most of me doesn’t want to be there. Still, one day I could look forward to it. And it’s all from this blog. When I look at how God used me to start this blog, and then used this same blog to get me to do something that I didn’t want to do, is crazy.


Maybe. But then, I’ve seen enough of God’s sense of humor to not be completely surprised.

God: infinity. Dante: 0