I have a page dedicated to polls on the site. It’s your chance to let our voice be heard. You can also use that page as a suggestion box of sorts. The page is easily called “DALANEL Polls”.

But now, each Saturday for at least this month, I’ll share the polls in posts like this. That way, we should be getting some votes piled up. I’m always adding and taking away polls so check up every once in a while. Otherwise, you’re not allowed to complain about anything. Ha!

That poll is in reference to the Writr theme.

So, vote on one, or all. It’s important to vote on the theme poll since I plan on changing things up on Monday.

Don’t forget, I have taken off on Sunday. No blogging for me. Happy Saturday! Oh, and there’s a special announcement coming on Monday that’ll explain my odd blogging behavior from this past week. Thanks, and love ya!



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