Daily Good News 22: Fighting the cancer tumors, Men save man from being hit by train, plus more!

It’s Monday and I hope you like the new look for DALANEL. There’s a poll asking which one you prefer: This one or the previous one. You already wasn’t feeling the previous one, so, I hope this is more to your liking.

Let’s get this round of good news started!



Indeed. Our first story is something you either agree with or not. A man went into a diner, reached into the tip jar, and grabbed what he could. Then he left. His face is clear in the surveillance camera. But, instead of going after him, the diner decided to host a food drive for him:

“We assume that if he was desperate enough to steal tips, he’s probably in desperate times,” says Moses.

That’s why they did the food drive. Of course, there were some “rewarding a thief” comments. I happen to agree with what the shop is doing. They say if the man comes, they’ll give him the food, no questions asked. If he doesn’t, the food goes to charity. If he really was on hard times, I think I would show up. But he could feel embarrassment too or that the shop is lying; trying to bring him in. It’s interesting to think about. Let me know your thoughts on the story.

A bunch of men helped a guy out who was unconscious and lying on subway tracks in NYC. Oh yeah, and the train was on its way.

Lastly, scientists are working on a way to starve cancer tumors. Obviously, if you can kill off the tumors, you save many lives. I’ll let the doc tell ya:

Dr Szlosarek explained that there are a large number of cancers relying on a naturally-occurring protein called arginine that could be starved. His team, funded by Cancer Research UK, studied the way cancer cells were destroyed when deprived of arginine, which is found in the blood and is derived from digested food.

Well, I hope that works out. Tumors listed in the article were ovarian, bladder, kidney and brain. This drug has already seen success with asbestos.

Cool, it’s a wrap!




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