Let’s Try This Again…DALANEL’s New Look

This theme is called Newsworthy and this was second place when I decided to go with a new theme early last month. My new blog has this theme as well. And, after hearing and seeing more negative than positive reactions to Writr, I decided to go with this new look.

There will be a poll at the end of this post asking you how you like this new look compared to the other. This link will take you to WordPress’ demo site of my previous theme so you can compare.

Okay, so let me just walk you through the new look if you’re not familiar with it.

At the top, you’ll notice the pages. Keep in mind some of the pages are drop down with sub pages. The reason why I liked using the other theme was that you could clearly see what pages were on the site without having to move to see a drop down list. I just hope people don’t miss out on things.

To the right, first there is a search bar. This is built into the theme so I don’t have to use a widget for a search bar anymore. Then there’s this connect thing with logos of a few social media sites. This is built from the theme itself aw well and will send you to my profiles at those sites. Nice. Only thing missing is Google+. However, G+ is very new to WordPress so I guess it’s just a matter of incorporating it at some point as time goes on.

Other than that, the widgets are the same. You got your follow me stuff (subscribe to DALANEL via email while you’re looking at it!), the top liked posts, categories, and RSS feeds of my sports blogging work on FanSided.

Also, this theme is mobile friendly. That’s key for me because having a responsive theme makes the browsing much more fun. I don’t like that generic mobile look.

Okay, so here’s the poll. For the love of my cat that I don’t have, let me know, or forever be quiet.

Thanks for voting. Hit the comments and let me know what’s going on with the themes. I love hearing from you because that means you give some form of crap for this blog and I want you to enjoy looking at the page as well as reading my incredibly awesome content.

That’s what it’s all about isn’t it, my over 1,000 followers?




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