New Blog: Dante’s Funny World

I’ve been working on this for a few weeks. The announcement of my new blog does make an impact on this blog.

Dante’s Funny World. What is it?

Let me tell you the story.

Everybody groans as the old man reflects. Only, he’s not an old man…

It all started on Facebook. Back in my day, Facebook was a place to make people laugh. I even called myself “Laughinator”. At some point, I started a Facebook page called Dante’s Funny World. That was somewhat of a success. It eventually went quiet. Then, I transformed it to Nothing But Jokes.

In the spirit of Dante’s Funny World, my new blog aims to be funny.

DALANEL, as some of you know, went through some radical changes. For one, the direction of the blog took a slight shift. At first, it was about a fun positive experience. Now, it’s more of a good news driven affair. So, what happens to jokes and funny videos and stuff?

Insert new blog here.

That’s why I announced Daily Good Stuff would be in it’s last week. I’m moving it over to DFW. It will be called “Daily Funny Stuff” Weekly Funnies will also bite the dust here at DALANEL and shift over to DFW. On a side note, Weekly News is going to be put on hold. I stopped doing Dante’s Opinion posts on Thursday. I made Sunday my day of rest. Managing two blogs, I didn’t want to be overwhelmed.

Think of DFW as a partner blog of DALANEL. Like I said, this blog is going a different direction and, I felt there wasn’t much room here to do all of those funny stuff. Still, this blog’s early success came from that stuff so I certainly wasn’t going to abandon it. Now, it has its own dedicated space to roam freely.

Heck, I wouldn’t be surprised to have DFW be more successful than this blog, if only because a lot of the funnies and stuff are top views here. Of course, I’ve only recently brought out positive stuff so we may never know.

So, now will this new blog take attention away from DALANEL? No. This blog is my number one priority. In fact, DFW won’t have as much structure as this blog does. There’s no set schedule; I’m going to post whenever I want. Random blogs may not be successful, but, that’s fine. As I said, I’m focused on bringing DALANEL to great heights.

So, go ahead and check DFW out if you’re in the mood to laugh. Go there for more details but, right now, the only social media sites connected are Tumblr and the Nothing But Jokes page. Tumblr has been very good to me and Nothing But Jokes is the heart of the blog’s mission. I may add more as the blog becomes more active.



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