Dante’s Opinion: Gamestop or best buy- Xbox one?

Our first question is from Mahmoud:

Gamestop or best buy- Xbox one? Where should i buy my xbox one gamestop or best buy because i want to have warrainty on my xbox one and i want a good company that actually knows what their doing.

I want an Xbox One so bad I might be willing to sell my body again. Seriously, I would go with Best Buy. Now, I’ve bought games from Game Stop. But, I bought my 360 from Best Buy. The warranty came in handy as I had a little trouble with it, including the ring of death. The Geek Squad was also superb in repairing whatever was wrong with it. On a separate instance, I needed something checked on and the GS couldn’t fix it so they allowed me to switch for a new product with no hassle. So, I would go with Best Buy if only because the warranty and the helpful folks behind the desk. I can’t tell you about pricing although, with it so new, I’m guessing retail price is dominant.

Next is from messed:

Do you think there will ever be equality and compassion for all? Many have nothing, Most just survive, Some live comfortable, Few live like royalty, A couple have it all.

My answer is no. Not until Jesus comes back.

Last one is from Phillip:

I ask this because my friend, who plans to propose to his gf. My friend is Hindu and his gf is Christian. Does religion matter? What if you went through something like this, what would you do?

Yes. And I am speaking from a Christian standpoint. God wants us to marry those like us. Mainly, because, at some point, the religions will cross. And, quite frankly, I don’t see how a house can be in harmony with a clash like that. But hey, I’m just some single black guy who expects to die a virgin so what do I know?

Okay, head to my Dante’s Opinion page if you want your answer questioned. Oops, I mean, question answered. Yeesh!



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