Wednesday Word: What Is Love?

Okay, a few things about the video. For one, you might just want to listen to it; the camera is shaky. Two, you might want to turn the volume up a little, but even then, the sound quality isn’t the best. Still, this young lady explores what love is. Take a listen:

Great. And she’s absolutely right. I wrote a little on this before so check that out.

Indeed, love is a choice. It’s not a feeling. Like in her example, Jesus chose to die. Even right before he was to die, he was asking God if it was any other way. Jesus died for us, not because He felt like it, but because He wanted to. It’s a choice. Like when you’re mad at somebody close to you. At that moment, you don’t “feel” like loving them. And sometimes, that’s how you can tell if you love someone. If you can survive down moments when all of a sudden, it’s not something you feel, then it’s love.

Yeah, we love despite. God loved us, despite us being sinners. As much as people were/are sinning, I sure wouldn’t always feel like loving someone. Love is an action. Love is so much.

But yeah, that passage she used was good. Very good definition of love. The Bible talks about love a lot. God is Love. All that good stuff.




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