Daily Good News 25: 5 Year Old Hailed As Hero, Drug Takes Out Leukemia, and Man Keeps Burn Victim Alive

My new blog, Dante’s Funny World, as I expected, is performing very well for its first three days. It’s hitting milestones that DALANEL just hit this year. Yeah. However, with DALANEL making some changes, I’m hoping that it can keep up. But, head on over there if you want to laugh. I won’t be mentioning that blog all that often though. Anyway, it’s time for some good news. Are ya ready? Let’s dive in!




In many cases, that’s true.

We got some good news if you hate cancer. There’s a drug in trials right now that has completely killed off leukemia in 23% of participants.

According to John Seymour, chair of hematology at Australia’s Peter MacCallum Cancer Institue, the results of the trial are unprecedented. “Patients on the trial were typically incurable, with an average life expectancy of up to 18 months,” he said, speaking to the Sidney Morning Herald. “So to see complete clearance of cancer in nearly one-quarter of these patients after taking this single therapy is incredibly encouraging.”

Also, cancer was eradicated in 61% of the patients. They’re working on their next trial which will be with a larger group as well as monitoring side effects and such. If it works out, it could be FDA approved within three years. They also think this can take out other forms of cancer. Cool. Just about all of us have lost somebody to cancer so I’m sure most of us would love to see it gone completely.

A man helped keep a burned man alive.

According to police, the victim had been helped by an employee of Cayuga Lumber. That employee saw the fire, and helped put out flames on the victim’s clothes with snow until emergency responders arrived.

Lastly, this has to be my favorite news of the day. A 5 year old is being honored as a hero for saving his mother and two sisters’ lives.

Everyone in the car was strapped in a seatbelt. Mom, desperate to find a way out of the car, turned to Stevie and told him to unfasten her seatbelt, as well as his sister’s.

“At first, he was scared. But I told him, ‘I need you to do it,’ and he did it, and I climbed out the window. It is a blessing,” Driffen said. “It is blessing.”

Five years old. He was made an honorary fire fighter and was given a medal. I’m not gonna lie…I almost cried. I keep telling you but, working with this age group for so many years, these kids can do stuff. Sure, all he did was unfasten a seat belt but, still.


Okay, well that’s all the good news I can stand for a day. Shucks, you can never have enough good news, right? Have a good one!




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