I’ve been looking on the internet for tips and such for getting more viewers because, as you know, this blog struggles. I came across several “keys to starting a blog” posts and stuff like that.

Key things on the list are:

  • Having a sensible topic
  • Figuring out if there’s an audience for your topic
  • Good writing skills
  • Patience

And there’s more I can’t think of right now. Heck, I wrote on those topics myself. All of those things are important. However, there’s one more thing:

  • The blogger

Yes, the person behind the posts. That person is very important. And, the only way to have any chance of being successful in at least the blogging world is to have a passion for what you write about.

It’s easy to talk about a subject. Most of us can do it. It’s easy to explain the facts. That’s a good blogger. But, a great blogger connects with what he is blogging on.


A chef blogger. Or a blogging chef. Whatever. Anyway, you can tell he loves what he does by the way he talks about it whether through words or by a how-to video he might post on how to cook that turkey. You don’t believe me?

Think about the great people you know. Think about the awesome talents they have. Think about how passionate they are about that cause. Now, would you listen to them talk about their passion, or would you listen to someone who’s attitude is as dull as Ben Stein’s voice? Right.

In my opinion, before you even decide to launch the blog, you have to already think that the blog is special and is going to eventually be great. Or reach a certain level of greatness. It’s extremely key in those early days when nobody is reading your stuff. You link out and you share your work but the clicks don’t come.

But, if you are passionate about your blog, the blog doesn’t die.

You keep at it. Sure, you make some changes along the way to draw people in. But, ultimately, what you stand for has to be the heart of whatever you do on that blog. You love anime? Blog it. You love astrology? Talk about it. It’s very hard to stop a passionate person.

Passion drives the blog.

It’s the engine. You need all of the other parts but, it’s not gonna go where you want it to go without a running engine. That engine is passion.

Sure, that may not have been the best example, but that’s what I got.

I’m passionate about what I do here.

Wait, a friend of mine recently started up a blog. She was stuck on creating a tagline for it. I told her, it should be about what the blog is about. So, obviously you need to know what the blog is about. She then asked me what the blog should be about. I told her that it should be about whatever you want it to be. What interests you? What is your “specialty”?

That’s what your blog is about.

See, as a blogger, and I think a lot of you can agree, most of us started blogging about something we enjoyed. We blogged about things that interest us. It’s better and easier to blog about something that you are attached to. Like I said, in the beginning stages, and even later on, there will be days where it’s like, “I don’t feel like it”. Still, that passion sits idle. It’s almost always on because it’s who you are. The blog, I know for me and perhaps many of you, is an extension of yourself. It’s a part of you out in the open.

For me, if I ever decide to shut this thing down, I’m pretty sure I’m going to feel like a part of me is dying; even if it’s a small part.

A passionate blogger is going places. He believes in his work and, that draws people in. I was blogging and talking like I am today back when I first launched the blog. It’s about the first impression. You can’t grab followers and then be passionate. Readers like reading about something from someone who truly cares about the subject.

Take this example: I’m a blogger at FanSided.com. Now, the name itself should tell you what we’re about. It’s a blog by fans for fans. Being able to connect with people who care about the same team you care about is something. We can be more real than beat writers. That’s the same with any blog. You have a real perspective. Again, it’s already a part of you. You already know so much about it. And even if you don’t know much, right now, you’re so open to learning about the subject.

Okay, what happens if you lose the passion? Can you get it back? This depends. As I said, the passion comes from you. So, look within yourself to figure out why your passion has faded. Sure, we’re not going to be on fire all the time. We’re not going to be going 100 MPH 24/7. We’ll have some down times. One way to tell where your passion is is to take a break from the blog. If all you can think about is the blog, your passion is probably high. If you find yourself having to pull yourself to the blog dashboard every time, the passion is fading and you have to figure out why.

Could it be that the thing you are passionate about no longer is interesting to you? Then, you should probably stop the blog. Maybe the content is stale? Okay, mix it up. Try interviewing top people in the area you’re blogging in. Maybe do a little video series or something. Keep it fresh.

Never forget what you’re blogging for. Who you’re blogging for. Why you’re blogging. It starts with you and then branches out. Like I told my friend, before you start a blog, you have to know that the topic is what you love. It’s all about you. Everything else will fall into place.

Oh my…I’ve hit 1,000 words. I rarely hit that mark. Only in posts that I’m passionate about.

See what I did there?