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A Purdue graduate has inspired many.

JC was born with spinal muscular atrophy which confines him to a wheelchair, but he doesn’t let it keep him from doing what he wants.

“Being in a wheelchair for basically my whole life, I’ve had to overcome a lot of obstacles, but I just never give up. Keep trying and just get it done,” said JC.

His motivation to succeed helped him to become a goalkeeper for USA power soccer team, playing in the first ever World Cup in Tokyo, Japan and bringing home two world titles. He says the sport has taught him a lot.

I have “Blogging Buddies” out and about. One of them, Chocolate Vent, tipped me off to this story. A teen made a plea for one thing for Christmas: A family. Months ago, he went in front of a church congregation and said:

”My name is Davion and I’ve been in foster care since I was born … I know God hasn’t given up on me,” he said after the Rev. Brian Brown invited him to the pulpit. “So I’m not giving up either.”

And now, very recently, folks have been calling for him.

Just months ago, orphan Davion Only made an impassioned plea for a family that spawned more than 10,000 offers from around the world. This Christmas, the Florida teen’s dream will come true. Only, 15, recently moved in with a prospective family with whom he will spend the holidays, Terri Durdaller, a spokesperson for Eckerd, the Florida adoption agency handling Davion’s case, told ABC News.

I was enjoying this story and then I felt even better about it with this last line:

The agency said it told people in the U.S. outside of Florida to contact their local foster care services because “there are Davions in every city in America.”

Very true.

Lastly, we have a cafe that was robbed. Their response:

The café was just one in a string of neighborhood businesses hit by thieves. In response, Commonwealth owners Salvador Sanchez and Chris Ortiz announced through their Facebook page that they would happily provide free cups of coffee to customers who shopped at those targeted stores.

They wanted to rally the community. They also will take your word for it; no receipt required. But wait! There’s more!

In addition to their coffee give-away, Commonwealth also erected a community Christmas tree, asking that customers leave a wrapped present, if they’re in a position to give one, or take a present, if they need a pick-me-up. One customer already deposited a brand new bicycle under the tree, and others have left smaller gifts, including cash.

Wow. Where’s the tree? Hey, I’m broke…

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