Dante’s Opinion: Is someone stalking me?

First question is from Cjl:

2 days ago I was going to a friends house and my sister had my car so I had to walk there. It’s about a 45 minute walk from my place and when I was walking for about 15 minutes I turned around and noticed a man walking behind me. It seemed like he just came out of no where. I didn’t think nothing of it but I didn’t recognize him at all and I live in a small town so it’s unusual for me to see someone I don’t know or don’t recognize. When I was almost at my friends house I turned around and he was still walking behind me, again I didn’t think nothing of it. I got to my friends place and he just walked on past. When I went home later that day I was outside smoking and I looked up my driveway and there was the same man I seen earlier walked right by my house but he stared right at me, which kind of creeped me out.

Earlier today I was at home and my aunt who lives next door called and said she seen a man standing in the path between our houses. No one ever walks through that path except us. She told my parents that when she was going out to her truck she seen a man standing in the path and he had a car parked that was blocking off her driveway. She asked him what he was doing and he said he was going to my house and she told him to move his car and that we lived next door. She described him to my parents and they told me what he looked like and it seemed like they were describing the same guy I seen the other few times. What’s strange is that she said he was just standing there watching the house and he said he was coming here but he still hasn’t showed up. My parents think it’s someone watching because he’s going to try to break into our house. Still dosent explain why I seen him the first time. Is this person going to break into my house? Or is he stalking me? Am I just being paranoid?Should I call the police? Sorry that this so long.

It was kinda long but intriguing. I think I would be freaking out myself. I don’t know if the police would help. But, you are totally being stalked. Lock up and be safe. Tell the cops that you think you’re being followed but, like I said, I’m not sure they would be of much help.

This is from Harry:

When i was 6 i was sexually molested by my uncle, i’m 15(male) now, and i haven’t told anyone, not friends or family, i have dreams where it keeps happening over and over again sometimes i wake up in sweat, sometimes i don’t feel like moving or going back to sleep, but recently its gotten worse, i’ve only been able to get 3 hours of sleep per day in the past 5 days and my dreams have gotten to the point where he killed me after “that”, my uncle visits often at-least 2 times per week, and he recently asked me in front of our family, why i don’t look him in the eyes, i told him no reason specifically and everyone kept doing what they was doing, 2 days ago me and my uncle was alone on the couch watching t.v, nothing happened but i was really scared and my heart just went racing, i told him i was going to sleep immediately after everyone left, i just locked my bedroom door and tried to go to sleep but i couldn’t, not all that night,

my mom told me that it hurts his “feelings” by the way i don’t make eye contact with him, i told her that i’ve tried to make eye contact with him but i just keep failing to do so, she just told me to do it even if it hurts because it will make “him” happy, i didn’t know what to say to that exactly, my friends met him a few times and it scares me to think that he my “try” something on them, they tell me that hes “cool” but it doesn’t really ease me at all, whats worse is that he acts like nothing happened AT ALL and he acts likes it didn’t happen, sometimes i think does he even remembers at all about what happened, i’ve tried to tell my parents and friends for about 6 months now but i’ve failed each and every time, sometimes i even think about what good will actually come out of telling anyone, im serious and i really don’t know what to do.

Man. So, I think you should tell your parents. Better yet, tell your school counselor or nurse. First step is telling somebody because this is clearly eating you alive. It won’t be easy to tell your parents but, at some point, you need to. So, tell the counselor and then, perhaps the counselor would be willing to stop by your home and be with you when you tell your parents. This does two things: brings the uncle to justice because he may have done it to other kids. And, it will give you some peace of mind. God bless, Harry.

Those were two long guys. So we’ll end it here. As always, if you have a question that you want my OPINION (vs advice) then go to the Dante’s Opinion page and we’ll talk about it, bud.



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