Daily Good News 30: A Look Back at Some Favorites

We made it to day 30. Already? Wow. Well, I’ll tell ya, it’s been pretty fun to do this so far. I wanted to look back at five of my favorite news since starting this series.




Here’s an important story. A bishop disguised himself as a homeless man. Nobody that he knew recognized him. Here’s why he did it:

Musselman is touched by his ward members’ actions, but he says it wasn’t his goal to embarrass or make them feel ashamed.  Instead he wanted them to remember to be kind to people from all walks of life; not just at the holidays, but all year long.

Yes, he was trying to teach his church a lesson. And, when he walked in, there were some mixed reactions. Read the story to see some reactions. There’s one by the children I thought was interesting.

This piece of news touched me.  All this guy did was return a lost wallet. He’s homeless. And, because of returning that wallet, well:

The hotel general manager, Scott Stuckey, said he wanted to offer the man a reward for doing the right thing. When Hartman returned to the hotel Friday night, Stuckey offered him a room, $500, food and new clothes.

But that was just the beginning. Since learning of Hartman’s story, dozens of people have offered to help him.

“We’re getting calls from people from all over the United States, from Hawaii, Canada,” Stuckey said Monday. “They’re all people wanting to know what they can do to help.”

Cash, gift cards and clothes have been brought to the downtown hotel. Others have offered Hartman holiday meals, jobs and even housing until he’s back on his feet.

Yeah. We need to reward our heroes. Let the world know we appreciate people doing the right thing. We give so much attention to people that have done bad; it almost doesn’t even matter if we’re trying to make a positive difference.

A 24 year old woman from San Diego donated her kidney to a complete stranger…that she met on Facebook…who lived in Florida. Yeah.

There’s two things to take from this. One, once again, the use of social media is put into a positive spin. People constantly say it’s no good. It’s all in how you use it. Facebook is only a tool.

The other thing is this quote from the woman who received the kidney:

“I can’t even tell you the amazing feeling it is that someone gave me a second chance at life,” she said.

Um, sweetie…Jesus did this same thing. That’s what we need to understand here. We were all supposed to die. Jesus “donated His kidney” so that we may live. That feeling we get like that woman got is what we will experience and so much more when we accept the gift of life from Jesus.

A 12 year old is inventing some awesome things. There’s a video of him on the Ellen show, where he demonstrates three of his inventions. My favorite? The bike. That thing was awesome.

Billy is blind. He has a genetic disease. He’s overcoming it all. His thoughts:

“Being blind is not a disability,” he said. “It’s just an inconvenience.”

Okay, Billy. A few things he’s done even while blind:

An inconvenience that hasn’t stopped him from playing junior G-man or exposing bugs in the programs of a global Internet giant. He has perfect pitch hearing – somewhat to the chagrin of his choir teacher, who gets corrected by Billy when he sings an off note, Terri said. If someone drops coins, Billy can say how much change fell based on tones made by different coins striking the ground.

He also can tell what number someone dialed on their phone by distinguishing the distinct tones for each number. In fact, Billy’s gift has helped the Federal Bureau of Investigation by listening to recordings and telling them what phone number was dialed, his mother said. The FBI discovered his talent when he met a technician at one of the many technology conventions he has attended.

Holy…HOLY…WHAT!? He’s the man! He’s 14!

And there’s more in the story! He’s not done yet.

Last story. A man decides to pay for the next ten people in line at the grocery store.

Managers at the HEB said the anonymous man walked up to a cashier on Saturday and told her he wanted pay for the next ten customers’ groceries. ”He just said he wanted to it, it was an act of kindness. And that’s what he wanted to do,” said HEB Public Affairs Director Cyndy Garza-Roberts.

Love it, love it, love it!

Awesome. And, again, these are top favorites; these are just some stories I really enjoyed. I hope you did too. Do you have a favorite article I’ve mentioned in Daily Good News? Or a favorite good news story from around the world? Let me know!


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