Daily Good News 32: Blankets for the homeless; Wondergirl inspires her local town.

It’s Friday and this is the start of probably a stressful weekend. I can’t even promise I’ll be posting on Saturday. You already know I don’t post on Sunday. But, I’m gonna fight through it.



One of those few quotes that make me think. I’ve got a couple of stories for ya.

First, a donation of blankets will keep some homeless people a little more warm this winter:

The Road Home has 200 new blankets for the homeless thanks to an interfaith gesture from members of the Sikh Temple. The Sikhs simply wanted to be part of the community and to let everyone know they are here to help. “It’s too cold, and God has blessed us,” Walia said, “and we want to share with other people.”

“The winter season can be a dangerous time for a lot of our clients, and unfortunately we see a lot of people struggle through that,” said Road Home employee Emily Petersen. “I know this will be a lifesaving support for them. Thank you.”

Ah, very nice of them.

And then we have this story of a girl battling cancer. Her name is Wondergirl and here’s her story:

The girl spoke to KTVU about what the day meant for her and how she battles her cancer every day. “I don’t really know how I do it, I just keep a smile on my face, that’s pretty much it. And so what do you think other people can learn from you. A lot, but I don’t know what,” she said. Wondergirl also made an appearance at City Hall, where civic leaders showered her with recognition. The police gave her an award named for Vallejo officer James Capoot, who was killed in the line of duty two years ago.

Nice. A kid inspiring a town.

Okay, enjoy your Friday.



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