Daily Good News 33: Radio station remodels home and glasses save girl’s life

I’m back. Please, stop clapping. You’re making me blush. I know you missed me.

Okay so my stuffed animal just told me that it’s the news you’re interested in. That’s fine; I never liked you anyway. On with the image:



Yeah so it’s time for the good news. A radio station host asked a common question: If money were no object, what would you do with it? One person said:

Replace the carpets for my 90 year old Grammy and fixing all the little things around her house. Just a small thank you for not giving us kids up for foster care when our parents died.

Nice. And so, the host and the radio station decided to make it happen. I’ll let the story tell you just how far this story actually goes.

A girl is lucky to be alive after surviving a drive by shooting thanks to wearing glasses. As a guy who wears glasses and fights off people who prefer contacts, I enjoyed this news.

One of the bullets found its way to the teenager but was deflected by the bridge of the teen’s glasses causing her to suffer only minor injuries. “I fell asleep with my glasses on,” the 16-year-old told ncwn.com “If I didn’t have my glasses on I wouldn’t be here.”

Can’t tell ya how many times I’ve fallen asleep with mine on. Let’s see contacts do that!

Cool! Okay, well, I’m gonna wrap it up here. Have good day!


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