Man, it’s the day before Christmas. I guess you have some last minute shopping to do so let me get this post done so you can get out there.



Okay, now this round of good news warms my heart. An 11 year old uses his birthday to honor his late sister by feeding the homeless, which is something she was all about.

Sohi was also inspired by the memory of his older sister, Subha, who died last year at age 20. “My sister was diagnosed with bone cancer and this was something that she always wanted to do,” he said. “A couple of summers ago she asked to do this, but we never got the time because she ended up getting sick. And my mum always said we’ll do it when she’s better, but since she never did, we decided to do it now.”

That’s so sweet, Sohi. The family has decided to make that dinner an annual event although the date will be September 5th, the birthday of Subha’s birthday. Alright, before I get teary eyed, here’s another story. A woman’s decorations were stolen. The community donated replacement decorations.

Force said she found a couple boxes when she opened her kitchen door and a couple more after she let her dog out.
“It just made me feel very nice, and as one of the ladies said, that left a card, I hope it puts the Merry back in your Christmas.”
Force said she had so many Christmas decorations; she gave some to a neighbor who also had his decorations stolen.

Yeah, it was strangers. Random people came by and dropped off gifts. See, after Force had the stuff stolen, she placed a sign on her yard addressing the person(s) who stole her stuff. And that’s when people came by and dropped the stuff off.

Enjoy your day!