Dante’s Opinion: Which is better Avatar the last airbender or Legend of Korra and why?

First question of the day is from Mehrundin:

Which is better Avatar the last airbender or Legend of Korra and why? I am asking this question just for fun and i wanna see do u guys have the same opinion as i 🙂 Tell me which of the series are better?

I gotta go with Avatar. Korra has been good but, Avatar seems to be better. Even when they first announced Korra I didn’t think it would top Avatar. Honestly, part of me resents the Korra story and wished WE KNEW ABOUT ZUKO’S MOM INSTEAD. Sorry. I mean, they have a comic book about it but yeesh. Anyway, the characters and story seemed better in Avatar. But, again, I like what Korra’s doing too. This recent season has been pretty good and answered a few questions from Aang days and beyond.

Next question is from ROBO:

What do u think of the Memphis grizzlies?

They’ve been playing well. Injuries are a concern though. Also, they seem to be stuck. I’m talking like, the past couple of years they seem to be stuck on not contender but one piece away. Gasol’s injury is gonna slow them down, especially defensively. But, I like the makeup of the team and have to set them for a second round appearance in the 2014 playoffs.

Last is from BleachFan:

Don’t both rap and metal contain positive messages in their lyrics? Now I know both genres can have negative messages, like mainstream rap, but I feel when it comes to anything positive that rap has the unfair advantage. To be honest I listen to both genres (old school rap and new school metal) and I do not conform to the popularity of either genres. What gets me is that if rap is so popular, then why is metal still around? Do they share a message that listeners of rap can not understand? Can what be seemingly used as negative teach something positive? To me I somehow feel metal overall has been underrated.

For me, all rap and metal and any form of music is just that: form. You can rap a message. You can R&B the same message. You can rock the message too. It all matters what the message is, not how it’s delivered. And so, I would say yes to the question. And I’ll go further. Other forms of music can contain negative messages.

Great post. If you want my opinion on something, just go to the Dante’s Opinion page. Easy.



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