Daily Good News 36: Zach Bonner’s legacy, Man returns $3,000 stolen sax, and community gives family best Christmas ever

Christmas is over. I hope you enjoyed the day. I did. I guess now you’re all sentimental because of new years and all that crap. You won’t be getting much from me in that regard. But hey, we’ve got some good news to take a look at so let’s get to it!



First piece of news is about a family who lost everything right before Christmas, and then the community stepped in and made it the best Christmas:

Jason and Kayla Trodahl have four sons: Levi, 11, Tanner, 7, Preston, 6, and 11-month old Cowen. The family arrived home during the late evening and found smoke billowing out of their home. The family not only lost everything they owned — including pictures and precious mementos — they also lost their Christmas gifts for their four children.  Friends, family, community businesses, schools and even complete strangers helped Jason and Kayla give their children a Christmas filled with surprises, goodies and gifts.

There’s a link in the story to information about a fund that was set up to help the family.

Boy, this was a good one. A man returns a stolen saxophone. No, he didn’t steal it. In fact, he bought it, but after it was stolen. Just read the info:

A man named Chris Hansen had called the store when he realized the saxophone he picked up at a pawn shop was stolen. He found Marilee’s grandson’s name inside the case

Man. The Sax costed $3,000. Jesus. As a former Alto Saxophone player, I gotta say, that sounds more expensive than I ever could’ve imagined. He bought it for only $500 and probably could have sold it for a lot more re-selling it. Chris did claim that his belief in God got him to return it to its rightful owner. $3,000 though.

Last news is crazy. I can’t even make up a decent intro. Look:

So who is Zach Bonner and what did he do to have his story told on the big screen? (**SPOILER ALERT**) Perhaps it’s the fact that at the age of seven, he started a nonprofit to aid poverty-stricken children. Or perhaps it was his 2,500 mile walk from the Atlantic to Pacific Oceans at age 13, raising awareness for homelessness. Maybe it’s because he’s a really great guy!! According to producer Dr. Michael Guillen, “Zach Bonner represents everything that is good in the American character … the best of vision, of courage, of perseverance.”

Yeah, this teen is having a movie made after him. Hold on, now…the director also did Rudy and Hoosiers, so, this could be a legit good movie. But, yeah, there’s more in the link. Cool kid.

Another round of awesome content!


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