images bloggers uniteI got some news about adding a team of bloggers/writers to DALANEL: I’m getting closer to adding a couple of folks. One is already registered on site and we’re in the process of setting the account up as well as getting a first post ready. I’ve talked to another “friend” of mine (you already know I don’t have friends) to help out as well.

There’s a good chance that each of these people will blog about whatever they want, with the guideline only being something positive. Also, don’t expect them to blog very often; I’m hoping a few posts per month. On the flip side, they could make appearances in my featured posts like Daily Good News, Dante’s Opinion, and Wednesday Word. Heck, they could form their own feature if they’d like.

All in all, when it’s all said and done, there should be 2-3 new bloggers set up by January. That’s good news because this will help the site grow as well as giving more voices for you.

It’s risky going out like this because it could backfire on the sense that it doesn’t work out. Still, I’ve been recruiting hard in recent weeks in my very small circle of fellow bloggers/writers.

The idea of new things excites me more than Cookie Monster given the keys to a bakery! Stay tuned.