Recruitment for New Writers Going…Okay

images bloggers uniteI got some news about adding a team of bloggers/writers to DALANEL: I’m getting closer to adding a couple of folks. One is already registered on site and we’re in the process of setting the account up as well as getting a first post ready. I’ve talked to another “friend” of mine (you already know I don’t have friends) to help out as well.

There’s a good chance that each of these people will blog about whatever they want, with the guideline only being something positive. Also, don’t expect them to blog very often; I’m hoping a few posts per month. On the flip side, they could make appearances in my featured posts like Daily Good News, Dante’s Opinion, and Wednesday Word. Heck, they could form their own feature if they’d like.

All in all, when it’s all said and done, there should be 2-3 new bloggers set up by January. That’s good news because this will help the site grow as well as giving more voices for you.

It’s risky going out like this because it could backfire on the sense that it doesn’t work out. Still, I’ve been recruiting hard in recent weeks in my very small circle of fellow bloggers/writers.

The idea of new things excites me more than Cookie Monster given the keys to a bakery! Stay tuned.



4 thoughts on “Recruitment for New Writers Going…Okay

    • Thanks, they probably won’t post very often but, they will have a voice and I am going to make sure they are not completely “trapped” by the featured posts I have going on, although they will be handling it sometimes.

      I did mention this in one of my “Things You May Not Know About Me” post. That’s what I was referring to for the “you already know”. As to why not, that’s a little complicated. Part of it is that I’m shy. Another part is that small talk kills me, although almost ironically, that’s how great relationships tend to start out. Maybe some of it is subconsciously not willing to let anybody in. Some people consider me friendly so I wouldn’t say I stay away from people. Working with kids as well as being an usher requires being friendly.

      I was told during a job interview that I was “too friendly” for a job in customer service while also being told that my app and resume were good for the job. I guess that’s why they have interviews. Ultimately, I probably don’t have friends because I simply don’t wish to go there, I have self confidence issues of thinking people wouldn’t want to be my friend, or don’t realize the need for them. There’s a combination there. I have plenty of acquaintances and care a great deal about people’s lives. Maybe I misinterpret what a friend is. For all I know, I have lots of friends. But, I do have a definition/understanding of what a friend is and I feel like I don’t meet it.


      • Wow that’s a really good question. Since I haven’t looked to the Bible for interpretation, it must be my own understanding. Though sometimes I have an understanding of things, and then find out it matches the Bible. So I’ll have to look into that.


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