I told you that this month would be my last month of personal stories. I won’t be talking about me unless it directly affects the blog like if something comes up that causes me to not blog on a day or when I die.

And while I am a firm believer that my life tied into this blog has helped it become very successful, I think I’m the only one who thinks that way. I’m leaving my blog. And boy, that sounds dumb.

Like, I am DALANEL. This blog is based off of my life story. And yet,my life story is dragging the blog down. No, I don’t want that. This doesn’t mean I’m giving myself up. No, for you see, the blog content is still a part of me. In a sense, I still have a voice. Part of it is that I’m probably not a good story teller anyway. Instead, I’ll just go ahead and chill from the stories that give you access to me.

I’m still very connected to this blog. But, you’ll notice my tone change in the upcoming weeks that will make it seem like I’m a little distant from my blog. That’s probably going to be me RIP from the events that will transpire from this blog.

I said passion drives the blog. It does. I have the passion. Don’t worry about that.

This was just a short update. I’m presenting quite a bit of updates today and the rest of the week. Nothing major. Bits and pieces.

Talk to ya later and be sure to not pee on yourself.