Quick poll asking which possible update are you looking forward to the most.

First, I have the idea of having a staff of bloggers here. I hope that they can post a few posts per month. Next, I want to create apps for the site for the mobile phones and Windows 8 is looking promising too. Lastly, as a Windows Phone 8 user, Path.com app hasn’t been made yet. But, it’s close. I found this out after posting my goals but this is something I’ve been waiting for for quite some time. WordPress has the option to connect the blog there so I want to be there.

So, again, of those three things that could happen, which one are you looking forward to the most?

For more polls, go to DALANEL Polls page which is under the What Is DALANEL page. Thanks for voting. If I had to pick, I think I’m looking forward to a staff the most. But, of course I’m all for all three of them otherwise I wouldn’t be doing it.