Daily Good News 38: Seven Year Old Donates $750, Six Year Old Saves Life



A 7 year old leads a charge to donate to a family that is supported by a woman’s shelter.

By the end of the year Kathryn had saved more than $54. “We thought that Halton Women’s Place in Burlington would be excellent (to donate to),” wrote John. “In late November we found out about the program that HWP offers whereby you can sponsor a family who needs it the most.”

Healey’s Allstate office team wanted to contribute to what his daughter had started. “Through passion and dedication we were able to cover off all of the requests on the family’s list,” he wrote. In the end, the effort raised a donation of $750 to the family supported by the shelter.

Good job, Kathryn!

Next, a little boy jumps out of a moving car to save his grand father’s life. Not kidding:

Sullivyn Vedaa and his grandfather Ronald were driving to a relatives home for Christmas dinner on Wednesday night when Ronald went into diabetic shock.  Sullivyn, who was sitting in the backseat of Ronalds Chrystler 300 noticed his grandfather acting strangely and very sleepy.  When Sullivyn realized Ronald was not responsive, he decided to jump out of the moving vehicle and run to the nearest house to call for help.

Yeah…there’s your action movie star right there!

Did I mention that kids are awesome? Because, they kind of are.



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