How The Great Paul Benjamin Inspires Me

PaulBenjamin_HiI’m a big fan of the great Paul Benjamin. Who is he? An actor. A good actor. A very good actor.

Am I saying this because he’s also my uncle? Probably.

Have you seen some of his work? Probably. Examples? Well:


Midnight Cowboy (debut)


The Education of Sonny Carson

I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings

Escape from Alcatraz

Do the Right Thing

The Five Heartbeats


Starsky and Hutch


New York Undercover


Law & Order

The Shield

He’s done a lot more of course. I’ll let IMDb handle the rest of the list and bio.

So, I have made it a personal goal to watch each and every one of his movies. I get all giggly when I see him. Whether he’s a lead or small part, he’s my uncle and he’s the best.

He and I have the same nickname, although for different reasons. Heck if I know his story. I’ll have to ask. Anyway, our nickname is “Boy”. I know. For me, there was a short period after I was born where I was nameless. Dante was not my name for my whole life. So, until my parents could decide my name, family members would refer to me as “the boy”. How’s the boy doing? That’s an example of how slightly awkward things were.

My dad wanted to name me something African-y. He was shot down. Now-a-days, learning that I’m West African, perhaps my dad was on to something. However, I and my sisters don’t know which of our parents are of the origin. My mom wanted to name me after dad. She got shot down. Thank God. I love Christopher but I’m glad I have my own name. Dante Jr. ain’t happening.

I have the chops to be an actor. I don’t have the physical appearance to make it big unless most of my comedy makes fun of it. Think Kevin Hart and his getting old short jokes. Most likely, I would be stand-up comedian with plenty of voice over work for shows and movies. I have an odd voice that, while I hate, would probably make good for comedy.

Nah, I’m pretty sure I could make it if I put the effort in. My uncle does inspire me to do it. Since I have never known what to do while in school…since I don’t know what I “want to be when I grow up” perhaps acting is something I should get into. Like I said, I gotta be willing to put effort into it. I know it’s not a “one role and now a big star” thing. I’m willing to start small. And I may never make it big, although that would be fine. Good even.

Are you a fan of his work? Have you enjoyed the shows and movies that he has been a part of? Let me know!



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