Daily Good News 39: Man overcomes incredible odds, TradeWind donates school buses, and Good Samaritan stops purse snatcher



A good samaritan witnessed a woman have her purse stolen and chased after the guy and got the purse back.

A woman was outside the store when a man walked up and snatched her purse from her, police said. A witness saw the attack and chased the suspect who was running away with the stolen purse. The Good Samaritan caught up with the suspect and got the purse back as patrol officers were arriving on the scene, investigators said.

Next, a company donates a couple of school buses for a school district in need.

Once there, TradeWind employee Aaron Weigel heard about the district’s aging bus fleet and how costly it was to continue to maintain the vehicles. “We strive to be active participants in the communities in which we develop, and we simply couldn’t look the other way,” Weigel said. “I attended a school that reminds me very much of this one, so I know what it’s like when a bus breaks down on a dirt road in February, 45 minutes into your hourlong ride.

Cool. They will not only pay for the buses, but will maintain them for three years.

This last story is…is…man. A man will stop at nothing to reach his dream. There’s a long list of odds that Hollywood can’t even dream up.

First, his chain broke in a sprint causing him to smack his left knee into the handlebars. Earle was told he didn’t need surgery, but the injury lingered for the rest of the year and the first half of 2008 before it was decided he would go under the knife to remove bone fragments and repair what proved to be a crushed tendon. But in the months spent riding between injury and surgery, Earle suffered a lower back injury and problems with his right knee by over-compensating.


…in 2009 where he was struck down, first by a lingering virus and then by irritable bowel syndrome that forced him to go off dairy for several months. It took him another six months to fully recover.


By 2011 he got a break when he went to Italy to represent an amateur team. But he got sick again and was sidelined with yet more knee problems after being put on an unfamiliar bike.

Not sad yet?

“That was when I got hit by the car.” In a sickening crash, Earle broke his teeth, ankle and fractured his wrist. The ankle didn’t heal as anticipated and after more rest had to be operated on months later.

Of course:

But if all that wasn’t enough, he and his family were put through the ultimate pain when Earle’s oldest brother Ben died. Ben drowned in Canada in 2008 in a kayaking accident, leaving behind a wife and two young kids.

I was reading the article as it went blow by freaking blow. Now, this is a good news blog so here ya go:

A former dish pig and child care worker from Hobart, the 25-year-old was this year offered a contract with the all-conquering Team Sky and last week moved to Monaco to live the life he thought he’d missed forever.

“After all the heartache and all the hard stuff, I’m now going to ride for the best team in the world,” Earle said.

Good for you, buddy! I copied each setback he had…at least that’s what I caught. For all I know, I missed something.



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