Daily Good News 40: Top 10 Stories of 2013

This post isn’t going to be easy at all. However, I’m going to go through all of the good news I posted this year and selected my top ten that really stood out for me. We’ll start with out usual image and then get to the news. The links in the date take you to the original post that I shared the news in.



Okay, so, allow me to go into the archives. And, again, all from this year. So, this will include Good Friday posts, Daily Good Stuff posts, and Daily Good News posts.

This story is from January 18th:

Derrick Hogan is a police officer who helped an 86 year old woman in a great way. First, the police station sent him to her house as she wasn’t able to drive. Relatives who usually helped her had passed, including her son. So, Hogan goes in and it turns out that the lady needed a way to get food from the local church.

Dogan decides that maybe the church wouldn’t help. So, he went to the grocery store himself and bought the little old lady food…with his own money. She gave him a list but he bought more than what was on the list. He bought her some tasty ham as well as decorations for her house.

February 22nd:

“It good to be a hero”. That’s what a shoe shiner said as it has been discovered that he donated $200,000 over the past 30 years to the Children’s hospital in Pittsburgh. Here are the lovely details:

Albert Lexie says he’s been shining shoes for $5 at the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh since the early 1980s. Dr. Joseph Carcillo says Lexie has donated more than a third of his lifetime salary to the Children’s Hospital Free Care Fund, which helps parents who can’t afford to pay their sick children’s medical costs.

The whole story can be found here.

May 16th:

We have a Mother’s Day story. A man decided to show his mom love by buying her a house. Yeah, a house. There’s a video of the reveal in the link but basically, she’s a cancer survivor who’s medical bills caused her to lose her house. Yup, you can tell where this is going.

August 4th:

A man saved an elderly couple from being hit by a train. Yeah, apparently, their car stalled on the tracks and they weren’t moving. So our hero decided to leap into action by pushing the car on with the train in sight. Cool.

August 23rd:

This good news just truly warms my heart. Here’s the basics:

Ben then called his fellow Community Action Officer, Jon McLachlan, and the two decided to take a ride to the local Target store. These officers not only purchased a pink plaid backpack for Leslie, they also bought a lunch box, water bottle (since she walks to school), folders, pens, markers, crayons, a ruler and pencils. The officers took the purchases back to the school and, before her first hour class was over, presented them to Leslie.

Absolutely wonderful.

August 31st:

Oh man…here’s a great story. Lego calls this kid a hero for his charity work. And, it’s Lego so you know legos are involved. They built a life size statue of the 10 year old. Stay classy, Lego.

November 26th:

This piece of news touched me.  All this guy did was return a lost wallet. He’s homeless. And, because of returning that wallet, well:

The hotel general manager, Scott Stuckey, said he wanted to offer the man a reward for doing the right thing. When Hartman returned to the hotel Friday night, Stuckey offered him a room, $500, food and new clothes.

But that was just the beginning. Since learning of Hartman’s story, dozens of people have offered to help him.

“We’re getting calls from people from all over the United States, from Hawaii, Canada,” Stuckey said Monday. “They’re all people wanting to know what they can do to help.”

Cash, gift cards and clothes have been brought to the downtown hotel. Others have offered Hartman holiday meals, jobs and even housing until he’s back on his feet.

Yeah. We need to reward our heroes. Let the world know we appreciate people doing the right thing. We give so much attention to people that have done bad; it almost doesn’t even matter if we’re trying to make a positive difference.

December 3rd:

A man decides to pay for the next ten people in line at the grocery store.

Managers at the HEB said the anonymous man walked up to a cashier on Saturday and told her he wanted pay for the next ten customers’ groceries. “He just said he wanted to it, it was an act of kindness. And that’s what he wanted to do,” said HEB Public Affairs Director Cyndy Garza-Roberts.

December 14th:

Billy is blind. He has a genetic disease. He’s overcoming it all. His thoughts:

“Being blind is not a disability,” he said. “It’s just an inconvenience.”

Okay, Billy. A few things he’s done even while blind:

An inconvenience that hasn’t stopped him from playing junior G-man or exposing bugs in the programs of a global Internet giant. He has perfect pitch hearing – somewhat to the chagrin of his choir teacher, who gets corrected by Billy when he sings an off note, Terri said. If someone drops coins, Billy can say how much change fell based on tones made by different coins striking the ground.

He also can tell what number someone dialed on their phone by distinguishing the distinct tones for each number. In fact, Billy’s gift has helped the Federal Bureau of Investigation by listening to recordings and telling them what phone number was dialed, his mother said. The FBI discovered his talent when he met a technician at one of the many technology conventions he has attended.

Holy…HOLY…WHAT!? He’s the man! He’s 14!

And there’s more in the story! He’s not done yet.

December 24th:

Okay, now this good news warms my heart. An 11 year old uses his birthday to honor his late sister by feeding the homeless, which is something she was all about.

Sohi was also inspired by the memory of his older sister, Subha, who died last year at age 20. “My sister was diagnosed with bone cancer and this was something that she always wanted to do,” he said. “A couple of summers ago she asked to do this, but we never got the time because she ended up getting sick. And my mum always said we’ll do it when she’s better, but since she never did, we decided to do it now.”

That’s so sweet, Sohi. The family has decided to make that dinner an annual event although the date will be September 5th, the birthday of Subha’s birthday.

Okay, it’s all over. Did you have a favorite story from this list or from anywhere I posted? Let me know!



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