I got a nice batch of news waiting for you. Are ya ready? Of course you are. Let’s do this.

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First news. A little girl had to get a tumor removed. Because of that resulting surgery, she ended up with hypothalamic obesity, a condition characterized by uncontrollable weight gain and food cravings. There’s surgery available to fix this, but the insurance won’t cover it. So:

Doctors told the Shapiros that gastric bypass surgery is the only way to remedy Alexis’ condition. The family’s insurance, which is through U.S. military providers TRICARE and Humana Military, will not pay for the $50,000 operation because Alexis is too young.

Fearing an appeal would take too long, the family created a “Hope for Alexis” page on the fundraising website gofundme.com. Since their story reached national media outlets, they’ve raised more than $74,000.

Doctor says early as February the surgery can be done. They needed to hurry along because she’s having kidney problems and has diabetes.

Next, donations of cars help people:

A Bismarck nonprofit agency is helping community members help each other. The mission of Creative Connections and Opportunities is to promote self-sufficiency. And thanks to several businesses and residents, they gave away two cars earlier today.

“We’ve had some great success already. When I have approached business owners in the community, I’ve heard nothing but yes from them. And I expected nothing less of Bismarck and Mandan,” says Sarah Carlson, CCO.

In total, six cars have been donated to the program. And all of them came from community members. Donated cars are given to people who need them to find or keep a job. Carlson says it’s a hand-up, not a hand-out.

That’s it for today. Have a good one.