Rapper Meek Mill continues to show support for Philly. He visited a group home with lots of Christmas gifts in tow:

However, Meek’s commitment to revisiting Philly and its youth is beyond commendable. Cameras were present when Meek and his team played Santa to a Philly group home with sneakers, clothing, food, books, TVs, XBox Ones and more.

That’s awesome.

A man is a hero, after spending most of his life trying to overcome physical adversity:

Sprout was especially elated when she learned that her 31-year-old son, Dennis “D.J.” Sprout, was recognized by the Charles County Consolidated 911 Center in Charleston, S.C, for his work in instructing a caller to perform CPR that saved a man’s life. “I think it’s amazing that everyone was there to help us when D.J. was needing help, and today he is out helping others,” said Bonnie, as she recalled D.J.’s early development and his recent 911 Center CPR award.

The whole story goes into his challenges. Nice inspirational story.

Let me let you in on a secret: I’m announcing my team of bloggers on Monday. Shh! Don’t tell anybody but everyone.