Meet the Team of Bloggers: Dallas and Nia

As promised, I have assembled a fantastic team of bloggers for DALANEL. I have a page called Meet the Team which is under What Is DALANEL?. There, you’ll be able to keep up with them. That page is filled with bios for each of them and links to their content on the site as well as social media accounts so you can follow them too. Right now, the page is slightly bare. I wrote out bios for them but, in the near future, they should have something up to represent themselves so the page will grow over time. I’m just going to give a brief preview of each person.

First, Dallas T. makes a return. She’s 17. My cousin. And, quite frankly, she’s like a sister to me as well. We talked about it and while she won’t be contributing often, she’ll be around. She ran a blog for a little bit but she’s not really into that all that much. Still, there’s some great content there. I think she has a great mind if only because she and I think alike fairly often. I would hope she can take a few Dante’s Opinion posts for me. It would be Dallas’ Opinion of course. Follow her on Twitter.

Next is Nia. This is the same Nia that helped me with the lighting for the cantata. At 11, she’s an aspiring journalist. She wants to be the best. This is her first blogging experience. I don’t know if this will be the start of a wonderful career for her but make sure you show your support. Even as kids, people can do great things. I’m excited to see what she brings to the table. I’m hoping that her journalistic heart can help me with the Daily Good News in terms of research and even posting. Don’t be surprised to see this young one pack a punch. She speaks her mind and is honest and that’s one of the things I love about her. Nia’s on Google+ so add her in your cutest blogger circle.

Ah yes, this is gonna be fun.

As you can see, I not only have a diverse group of bloggers on different paths, but, each one presents a certain voice. I trust that they won’t say anything that would really contradict what DALANEL is trying to say. Now, it’s a little lopsided. Both of these girls are like me in many ways, so the question becomes: How much of a different voice will be present? Very. Trust me. These girls, while having a lot in common with me, are their own person. As well they should be.

So, how often should you expect a post from them? Just a few times per month. Of course, if each one posts three times a month, that’s six posts in 30 days where I won’t have to do anything. For Dante’s Opinion, it’ll be their name. Dallas’ Opinion or Nia’s Opinion. If they want to spice up some of the posts, then great.

But, and I’ve told each of them this, I want them to have their own voice. They can post about stuff, as long as it does match the positive theme I’m going for. They can even start their own weekly/daily feature if they’d like. I don’t want them to be “trapped” in the themed posts I have set. And really, with their own voices heard, DALANEL gets that much better.

Also, I have ideas for group projects and such. I hope that we can spice things up here with the new faces. If you’re growing tired of me, then I’ll bet you’re really excited. I know I could use the posting help. I can live with two per month per person. That’s 4 days…or posts that I don’t have to worry about. If it works out enough, I can resume Sunday posting but that might not happen regardless. But yeah, a team of bloggers. Is this just the beginning? Yup. I’ll be asking for even more help, especially somebody who can post quite a few times per week. Do I have a number in mind for how large the team will be? About 5 or 6, including me. And that’s my own recruitment. If any of you readers like what’s going on here, and want to help, let me know and we’ll go over the details.

I’m so excited I can’t even stand it. Literally, I’m on the floor with my laptop. I can’t give you an exact date as to when the first post will be up by anybody, but, it should be soon. And, again, go to the Meet the Team page to get some bio, and links. Until then…Uh…hit the comments and let me know how excited you are. Heck, don’t tell me; tell them!



2 thoughts on “Meet the Team of Bloggers: Dallas and Nia

  1. Cute pic of Nia!

    You’re so excited that you’re sitting on the floor?! Lol! That seems the opposite of excited to me. (just kidding!)

    Also, you wrote “If you’re growing tired of me…”. Don’t worry, we wouldn’t even be reading this page if we were tired of reading your blog =)


    • Yup, she’s a little cutie. My little buddy.

      I thought about saying that I was so excited that I jumped on top of the cable box and ended up getting reception of some decent TV from China but I thought that might be too far.

      Sure, you’re right. Still, it’s nice to have some fresh voices and perspectives. It adds even more value.


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