New Feature: Monday Motivation

I can’t believe I haven’t done this before but, I’m going to attempt to run a new series. Monday Motivation.

As usual, I keep it simple.

It’s what it sounds like. Each Monday morning, I send you a word of encouragement. I’ll offer some kind words. Or maybe I’ll link you to someone who has them. Either way, the goal for the post is to offer motivation to get you through the day, the next day, the next day, and so on. I hope to make this a daily feature but, I want to start off slow. So, the first Monday Motivation will be on the 13th.


  • Daily Good News: Monday-Saturday
  • Dante’s Opinion: Tuesday
  • Wednesday Word: Wednesday (duh)
  • Monday Motivation: Monday (duh)

This is just another way to bring a positive spin on the world. These words will not only speak to you, but they’ll probably speak to me too, and I’ll be speaking most of them. These posts will be from the heart for the most part. And we’ll see if any of the team here wants a crack at it.

I said I would “attempt” to do this because I am not entirely sure I can keep it up. Before I start any series on the blog, I make sure I can find enough material to be able to last for a while. Something to start with. In this case, most of the material is coming directly from me. I must have a sound mind if I’m able to keep it up. I want to do this though. This idea is something I am already behind. It’s part of what I’m trying to do with my other features. So I have to at least give it a run.

Are you ready? What more motivation do you need to look forward to this new feature? Ha!



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