Daily Good News 46: Sergeant Overcomes Cancer, Building Homes for Single Mothers

I took some sort of break yesterday but I’m back and I have good news for you.



Anybody know how to pronounce that name? Hello? I have an idea but I’m black and I feel like that somehow plays a part in it.

Our first story is tale of two wars:

Reality hit and she immediately started crying when she realized she was just diagnosed with cancer. She learned that she had two tumors, one located on the front and one located on the back of her liver. The tumor in the front was attached to an artery which interfered with the blood flow to her heart.

Two weeks after the diagnosis, Echols was admitted to Walter Reed Army Medical Center in the District of Columbia area to be close to her family. She would have to prepare for a life threatening surgery which the chances of survival were very slim.

Yeah, she’s a sergeant who was stationed in Germany. There’s more:

After a successful surgery, Echols would need four months to recover before returning to Germany.

“I couldn’t sit up for a month,” said Echols. “I could only eat ice chips and Jell-O but I was happy to be alive.”

She slowly began physical training with walking and swimming. One day the pain in her stomach returned and she feared the worst. After another medical appointment in February 2012, another abnormal growth was discovered on her liver. Fortunately, this was a noncancerous tumor and would be removed at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center.

Well, close call there. Last words?

“My service to my country means the world me,” said Echols.

“I wanted to share my story and show people that you can overcome any obstacle. Cancer is very scary but you should never give up even if the odds are against you,” said Echols.


Next the Woman’s Federation is building homes for single moms who are struggling:

Since 2011, the Honghe Hani and Yi Autonomous Prefecture Women’s Federation has been paying special attention to poor rural single mothers without permanent homes or living in decrepit houses. Because of various difficulties, they live hard lives and cannot afford to build houses.

To tackle this problem, the federation is carrying out the Comfortable Housing Project which targets single mothers, and 570, 000 yuan (US$ 94,164) has been collected for the project.


Did you like it? Of course you did! I’m out.




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