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Being new can be extremely hard, take it from me a sixth grader and now a new blogger. It took me a long time to finally step up to the plate and actually do a blog. I constantly argued with myself “What if viewers don’t like my writing, and how do I start?” Then, I finally came to my senses and realized, do something you’re going through. Well at least with a little advice of course, I can’t take all the credit! So, now here I am writing to you and others…I really do pray that this encourages you and other viewers to go for it. Nothing beats a failure but a try! It will take you a while to realize it, but don’t be afraid of opinions. Everyone is entitled to one but, that doesn’t mean you have to listen to it. Be smart about it, and have confidence in everything you do. I was surrounded around that kind of foundation that confidence is important, but some people weren’t. I get it! Just know in my book that confidence is a key ingredient of life.

Ok, so my real life experience of being a “newbie” is starting the sixth grade and now in middle school. I was energized, pumped, and ready to start school, but in the back of mind I knew there would be teasing. Soon enough as I pass by a group of eighth graders on the first day of school I hear “Ha, look a little sixth grader” I almost turned around and said something slick but, the Lord stopped my tongue. I could have really gotten myself in trouble if I would have said what I wanted to! The Lord told me that I was too good to give my energy to this person. This person didn’t know from a can of paint, so this clearly shows that people are going to be rude, careless, ignorant, and I could go on forever. But, instead of wasting my time I do something that is going to help me succeed in life.

There you have folks, being new can be a good thing at times, and also a bad thing. To me it’s more of a good thing because you get to some what of, “learn your lesson.” Basically knowing the ends and the outs of different situations, once you get used to it you could even give advice! (I might even need it time to time!) Sometimes you just have to think of the bright side of being new. I sure know I had to!


Sincerely, Nia Whitehurst


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