Daily Good News 50: Broken wrist saves boy’s life, Milwaukee County paying for home repairs

Made it to the 50th post. This calls for some kind of celebration, right? Sure it doesn’t!



Alright, I remember a story I posted of a man who got in a car accident and how it saved his life because the doctors stumbled upon a tumor. this time, a boy’s life was saved after he broke his wrist:

It was after a concerned doctor checked James’ heartbeat and sent him to a consultant that his parents Hayley and Steve were told that the 11-year-old had a heart condition called subaortic stenosis – a tightness below the valve that lets blood out of the heart.

Doctors said that had it not been detected by his accident at judo, James could have died – and exercise had been making the condition worse because it was making his heart work harder.

This quote makes the article, especially the last sentence:

Mrs Wishart, 40, a teaching assistant, told the Bristol Post: “As James was growing up a membrane was growing tighter and tighter over his aortic valve, which takes blood from the heart. It was getting so tight it would have eventually caused him to collapse. We have been calling his wrist his lucky break, because it really was.”

Ha! And it also shows just how serious the situation.

Milwaukee County is lending  a helping hand to folks:

The Lormans’ 45-year-old water heater broke down — and they turned to Milwaukee County for help. Relying on only their pensions for income, Milwaukee County’s Housing Division gave them the help they desperately needed.

“We have a regular loan program which is a 0% interest loan for families that are income qualified and own their own home in the suburban communities of Milwaukee County,” Milwaukee County Housing Manager Jean Wolfgang said.


Monday. Have a good one.



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