Monday Motivation: Speak Life Into Your Situation

In case you missed it, Monday Motivation is a new series I’m running. I share my own words to you in the hopes of motivating you. As you can probably tell, this will show up on Mondays.

This post is based off of one of my favorite posts I wrote: The Power of the Tongue. I suggest you read it so you can better understand where I’m going here, although you’ll still get the gist of my message.

We need to speak life into our situation. Think positive thoughts this week. Our very words are powerful. When we face a situation, keep you head held high. Don’t give up.

From a Christian standpoint, some of us always start their morning with prayer. They speak life into their day before it starts. And many have said there’s a difference. A positive difference.

“I can do it.”

“The day isn’t over yet; I can end it on a high note.”

I’m not saying looking at a lottery ticket and saying “I’m gonna win” 500 times will make you a billionaire. I’m saying that that, as I mentioned in my linked post above, our words can do damage. At first, we may not believe our own words. But, keep speaking them. Over time, things well get better. And soon, you’ll hate even the smallest negative remarks you see, hear, or even think.

Even on the long days, find something. Find something to be thankful because it’s there. “Well at least…” is perfectly acceptable. Keep looking for the new morning because God’s blessings are new each morning.

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