Good news!


First news is a good one. I mean, they’re all good.

WSBTV reports that the man, who only gave his name as James, had received a ticket for a crash. As his car was a wreck, he had no other way of arriving at court on time — except walking. Setting off from a downtown Atlanta shelter at 1 a.m., he spent eight hours huffing and puffing through the cold. “No way to get up there, so I walked,” he told Channel 2 news, adding, “As soon as the air hit my lungs it took my breath away because of the wind. That was the major thing, the wind.”

So, an officer decided to give a helping hand:

On realizing James had walked, the officer offered to pay for his cab ride back. After all, wind chills made the air feel like -10.
“He said he didn’t have money for a cab, and I said, ‘Well let me pay for you.’ At first he said no, but I told him I wouldn’t take no for an answer,'” Blimline added. James refused, but Blimline and other officers chipped in to pay for the journey.

A story of chance, a teen walked down a road only to find that a man was trapped under an ATV. So, he went into action:

“When I came across him, all I could see were his boots sticking out from under the quad,” says Ryzuk.

Ryzuk was unable to upright the ATV on his own. He reassured the man that he would get help and then went to the nearby home where the man’s daughter-in-law resided. She went and enlisted the help of two neighbours, who with the help of Ryzuk were able to free the man. The man, who is in his early 60s, had been trapped for over 90 minutes in the freezing cold under the ATV. Ryzuk says the man seemed surprisingly OK despite the circumstances.

And that’s it for another round of daily good news.