ICYMI: Read Team DALANEL’s first posts

Team DALANEL made their debuts this past week. Let’s recap as I share some of my thoughts on each post.

First, Dallas T took over Dante’s Opinion for the week as she answered a question.

The article is here. I’m not going to copy and paste all she said. Basically, there was a friend with a dilemma: Her friend made one of those comments where you get the sense they were just talking for attention. The friend tried to investigate the situation but was met with a brick wall.

Dallas ultimately said to give said person their own space and, if the person is ready to let you in, then he/she will. I can agree with that. Maybe she used that tweet as a means of venting but, didn’t want to actually talk about it. Or, perhaps she talked to someone else about it. Or, like I said, it was just a ploy for attention. If I were in that situation, I would probably say what Dallas said: “You know you can talk to me about anything and i’ll be here for you.” Indeed, that’s sometimes the best we can do.

Dallas was struggling a bit in terms of how well she did on the post. I thought she did a great job. Like I said when I introduced the team, I figured she’d be specialize in Dante’s Opinion posts. I’ve always valued her opinion and know she has a sound mind like me. Must run in the family!

Next, Nia had a post titled Newbie. In there, she shared her experience being a new student as well as a new blogger. She hit on how we need to have confidence in ourselves. Here’s one part that really touched me:

It will take you a while to realize it, but don’t be afraid of opinions. Everyone is entitled to one but, that doesn’t mean you have to listen to it. Be smart about it, and have confidence in everything you do. I was surrounded around that kind of foundation that confidence is important, but some people weren’t. I get it! Just know in my book that confidence is a key ingredient of life.

The post has Nia written all over it. Like Dallas, she was struggling with a first impression. She wanted her first post to be on point. And, it truly was. I actually showed her Dallas’ post and apparently it helped her with her own writing process. Look at that; Team DALANEL already working together, even if they don’t realize it.

My first few posts in the blogging world, I was nervous on how I presented myself. Luckily, I had no viewers so I actually had time to work on my craft without…uh…ruining my reputation. Here, DALANEL is established with close to 1,500 followers. So, people will notice them immediately.

These two never even met. But, they both absolutely adore me and that’s all that matters. I hope they can forge some sort of relationship, at least on a blogging level. We’re a team; and in my teams, I always go for a family type environment. Both of these girls posses something special and their contributions here at DALANEL will be great, no matter how small the doses may be.

If you want to learn a little about these two, go to the Meet the Team page which is under What Is DALANEL?. There, you can see some bio and links to follow them on social media.

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