Daily Good News 52: Fashion Saves Lives; Parrot saves the day


Fashion Saves Lives. That’s the theme from American Breast Cancer Foundation. Here’s some details of the event:

The American Breast Cancer Foundation is hosting the “Fashion Saves Lives” fashion show at the Port Discovery Children’s museum. Tickets are $25. The money raised will go to the American Breast Cancer Foundation, to help them foot the bill for early detection screenings and tests for women who otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford them.

This went down Jan. 14th so it’s all over. Still, the impact of the raised funds is yet to be made.

I hope you have a box of crackers in hand for this hero. Family pet parrot alerted the family of a fire.

Laurajean Niesel said she wasn’t surprised her parrot, Pearly, alerted them. “When I got him I remember they told me to be very careful with frying pans made out of Teflon because if that burns it could kill the bird,” she said. “So they’re very sensitive to smoke or even heat.”

I’ll be honest here: The parrot wasn’t an intentional hero. He was probably a bird freaking out. Still, if there was no parrot, would the family get out in time? And so, we have to give this bird some love.

Okay, have a good one!


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