Mark Twain: Do the right thing. It will gratify some people and astonish the rest.

I wanted to talk about this quote a little more. I mentioned it in my Daily Good News 11. I wanted to expand my thoughts.

It’s always important to do the right thing. And yet, it seems like a struggle. Why?

One could say, the “Good Samaritan rule”. For what I hear, at least for this country of the USA, the law means that you can help someone; mainly in a life threatening situation, and not be held accountable for any damage. For instance, if someone is choking, you go over to perform the Heimlich maneuver. But, let’s say you break a rib while saving the person’s life. Now, he goes around and sues you for the medical bill. The nerve! And so, you don’t go around trying to help because then it could come back to haunt you. That law protects the would be heroes. So, in countries that don’t follow that, maybe that’s why doing the right thing could be bad.

Some people would only do the right thing if there’s a reward for it. “Can you help me?” “Help? What’s in it for me?” Something like that. That’s a shame.

And, you have some that may not be capable or at least don’t think they could help. I kinda give those folks a free pass especially since you trying to help could make things worse if you’re stumbling around like a drunk or something.

Some people simply don’t care. Some have their own agendas and doing the right thing will only set them back.

Others don’t do the right thing if it means they look silly. Perhaps people at the job take some items/merchandise. And they tell you it’s all good. And you’re like, “Nah, it’s not right” and then they call you goody two shoes or something. Sort of peer pressure type thing. It takes some balls to stand up to that.

I’m sure there are other scenarios too. But yeah, people don’t do the right thing.

That’s what makes this quote so believable. So unfortunate. Consider the “astonish the rest” part. Because we live in a world that doesn’t always do the right thing, when someone does it, it’s like “Holy mother of my sister!” (What!?) and people make you a hero or something. I hate it.

I want to live in a world where if someone does the right thing, it’s like “Oh, okay, cool. Been there and done that” type thing. I want it to be the norm. I want people filing in to help. I want people to be turned away because we have enough. Basically, I want this quote to make no sense. That day is coming. When Jesus comes back and new earth is made and the people of God live in a perfect world, we’ll have it. We’ll giggle when we hear that quote.

That doesn’t mean we should not do something now. Let’s make this quote and other like it irrelevant. Can we do that? Can we hear about a hero doing something and not be astonished by it? “Hope in humanity restored” shouldn’t even be a common phrase. It just shows how lost and far away from living a life God wants us to live.

Mark Twain was right. Absolutely right. He had a great mind. Some great quotes. But hey, we need to move on, right? Let’s go.



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