Page Updates: Code of Conduct, What Is DALANEL?

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I made a slight update to my Code of Conduct page. It’s under the What Is DALANEL page. You need to be familiar with it if you intend on commenting on posts here at DALANEL. I’m not even kidding because if you get yourself banned, the challenge of “I didn’t know” will NOT fly by me. I’m a laid back type of guy but I will not tolerate foolishness. Here’s a bullet list found of the page of what I just won’t do:

  • Name calling
  • Disrespecting others’ beliefs and comments
  • Commenting only to promote your site/business
  • Keep the language clean. No cussing (I am open about this and using this language will not automatically result in trouble; keep it to a minimum though; I want this site to be kid friendly)

That’s right. Follow this and you live.

Next, What Is DALANEL? That page got a major new look. Gone is the video and my life story. As I said, my personal life will be limited. The page now contains what this blog is about (duh) on a much more simpler scale. It also aims to be better related or complementary to the sub pages under it too.

I make a couple of tweaks to Who’s Dante? page as well but nothing to get excited over. I’m constantly making tweaks and such around the site. Don’t worry; the gist of what happened in November will be around for a long time if all goes according to plan.

Lastly, a heads up, I’ll be experimenting with when my posts will be published. My normal slots are 7am, 12pm, and 8pm. That could change to 8am, 1(maybe 2)pm, and 8pm although that last slot may be deleted. I want to know when you’re on the web the most. I have a poll on the DALANEL Polls (under What Is DALANEL?) asking when you are around. I’ve done research on when the most clicks happen between various social media sites. I want to try to hit all five of my outlets. They each have good and bad times. It’s a struggle and something I am working on improving.

Okay, so, thanks. Keep all of this in mind. We good? Of course we are.


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