Wednesday Word: We Can’t Quit

This video I’m about to show you becomes that more powerful when you read the description for it on YouTube. I’ll share it here:

A POWERFUL excerpt from a message by Pastor Dalton who was taken home to be with the Lord on Sunday, January 5, 2014. He was 58 years of age. He laid out the vision for the church during both services that day and then the Lord took the baton out of his hand and gave it to the church only a couple of hours afterward. Pray for Lakecrest Baptist Church and enjoy this short excerpt.

This is some of what he said that day:

Right? It was like, here’s a man who was telling us not to quit. Meanwhile, his race was over. It was like he was giving us advice or a word on how to finish our race while he goes to the medals table to get his just reward.

Alright, so, his sermon was simple. We can’t quit. There are so many reasons why we can’t quit. We can’t quit on God, ourselves, our family, our friends, and more. We have to keep going. Keep fighting. Like Dalton said, when we’re going through the flames of hell, that is not the time to quit. Another point he made was quitting was for the weak. It takes some strength to carry on. God is not a weak God and He doesn’t expect His followers to be.

That’s all I got for ya. The video took care of itself and there’s really not much I can add to it. Boy.


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