Just a little something for you sports fans. I write for FanSided.com. We recently have expanded beyond sports. We have a food blog, movie blog, comics blog, TV, and other entertainment blogs that I can’t remember right now.

When I first started writing there in June 2011, the network was generally unknown. Now, we’ve experienced major growth, especially when we launched our partnership with Sports Illustrated. I like some of the things FS is doing and I’m glad to be a part of it all. I’ve watched some growth as the network appeared in 2009.

I won’t lie; as far as the network has come, I still feel like improvements could be made in terms of content. One other thing is that, at least for the NBA division that I write for, there’s a lot of changes with the editors and staff. Not too much consistency. Looking around the division, I’m one of the “old heads”. Not sure how I survived this long. Like I said before, I’m not serious about sports blogging. As my editors will tell you though, I am very reliable with my posting. It’s something I enjoy as a hobby. That’s why I haven’t seeked out “promotions” and such.

As for me, you already know some of the things I’ve been doing. I’ve served as editor. I’ve been on the News Desk. Currently, I’m a staff writer for The Sixer Sense and Sir Charles In Charge. There are widgets on the blog showing my latest posts from there. I encourage you to check out the non sports sites if sports isn’t your thing. Of course, sports is the main focus.

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