Daily Good News 53: Helping prostitutes, Donation of $15k opens health clinic, and Woman saves man in wheelchair from fire

I’m gonna borrow this photo that Nia used in her post.

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Alright, first order of business. There are agencies trying to get our young ladies off the streets. Here’s a little something:

Mary Carol Melton runs the “Off The Streets” program for Cincinnati Union Bethel. She knows a lot of the girls at the service. Melton says it’s a hard process, but the program works and saves lives. Chantall Nunnally says she tried several programs. Tried to stop selling herself, tried to stop using drugs. Nothing worked until she met Melton. Thanks to them she is three years sober, has a full time job and is moving up to a management position.

Yeah, not everybody can be helped, but, it can be worth it even if one person is saved.

Next, a man donates $15k to help open a new clinic:

Carolyn Adams needed an angel, and the one she needed has appeared. Norton McNeal donated $15,000 so Adams can move forward with plans to establish a health clinic in West Ocala, where none exists.

Lastly, a woman saved her friend from a fire. He was in a wheelchair but was stuck in mud.

She says Bobby was yelling, “Hurry, I’m on fire!” as she rushed to help him. “He was burning, I mean literally on fire. He was at the back fence so I ran over there with the rake and kept the fire off of him,” White says.

Bobby is listed in critical condition at Parkland Hospital in Dallas. His wheelchair was destroyed in the fire so friends and family are starting a fund to get him a new one.

There’s a link in there to donate if you want. Hopefully he’ll be okay. He has diabetes and lost both of his legs.

Yay. Good news are a cooking! Hey, did you notice Dallas T’s post “Dallas’ Opinion” made it on the “Most Liked” list? She was happy when I told her about it. She sends her thanks. I told you how she wasn’t all too confident that she did a good job. You all obviously think she did. I’m a proud cousin.

And don’t forget to check out Nia’s post too. I’ll let you in on a secret, she’s confirmed to me that she’s going to be adding a weekly feature to the site. And that’s all I’m going to say about it. I will say something else though: If she isn’t able to get it started, I will be re-launching a feature that would’ve been similar to what she’s trying to do. So, I guess I just gave you a hint. The feature is new, but old. See if you can guess.




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