First, a woman witnesses a car become engulfed in flames. She also realized that there were kids inside:

A passer-by rescued the children from the vehicle after it burst into flames while their mother was collecting a prescription from a nearby pharmacy. The pair, along with an older child and their mother, were taken to hospital.

A central ambulance communications spokesman said three children were taken to Palmerston North Hospital with smoke inhalation and burns; a 13-month-old and 3-year-old with minor injuries, and a third child, believed to be 7, with moderate injuries.

So young! At least someone was able to help out.

Next, there was a breakthrough in research for choroideremia, a rare and incurable form of blindness:

Scientists hope early intervention with the surgical treatment will halt progression of the devastating disorder, choroideremia, before patients are robbed of their sight. 

Preliminary results from the first six patients taking part in a Phase One trial surprised and delighted the Oxford University team. Although the trial was only designed to test safety and dosages, two men with relatively advanced disease experienced dramatic improvements to their eyesight.

Nice. The future looks bright. I mean, literally, people will see light. Ha!


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