Daily Good News 55: Wells Fargo gives to charity, Teen saves boy from drowning



Wells Fargo doing some charity work in at least the local area:

In 2012 Wells Fargo donated over 300 million dollars to charities. Now two years later they are still at it. Friday afternoon a check was handed over to the executive director of Habitat For Humanity Of Magic Valley, in the amount of 15,000 dollars.

Next, a teen boy scout saved a boy from drowning in ice water:

Footprints seen in the snow covering the ice show the exact route the 9-year-old took near the bank of the pond. His footprints, however, come to an abrupt end in the spot where he fell through.

‘I ran down there, and I stood on the grass and I reached out and I grabbed his hand and I pulled him out,’ Zac says.

When asked if he was worried that he, too, might get pulled into the icy water by helping the younger boy, Zac says ‘yes and no because if I went in, I know how to get out because Boy Scouts taught me.’

The former boy scout in me fist pumps!


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