Monday Motivation: Be Yourself Part 2

One of the most liked posts here on DALANEL is a chapter from my book, “Be Yourself”. Welp, I’m going to talk about that chapter in this Monday Motivation. Ya ready?

I’ve always felt that, we should stand up for who we are. No one else can. People will give themselves up for money, love, power, and more. We can’t do that. We gotta stop that.

But how?

Being confident in yourself. This is the key. We need to find something about ourselves that is good and stand by it. Sure, we want to avoid being arrogant. But, and I know I struggle with this, we can’t bash ourselves. So, I’m going to act like we’re not close to being arrogant for the rest of this post.

Now, people are going to have opinions of you. Mom, boss, friend, random guy that smells like fish. And all of these opinions of you hold something. Sometimes we do need to take outward opinions into consideration.

But, we simply cannot rely on them. We need to know who we are. Understand our values ahead of time. On windy days, are we a rock, or a leaf?

And so, I challenge you and I to this: Love yourself. Believe in what you can do. Believe that you have worth. Know that you do have worth.

I also say this: Not everybody is going to like you for you. But, there are people who will see the good in you. It’s important to be yourself because that’s all you can control. Be yourself. Yes, we are not perfect and we need to change up our personalities and traits that are…not good. Still, we can’t sacrifice ourselves.


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