So, as a rule, I am only active on social media sites that WordPress uses in its publicize. However, there are a few that I’ve signed up for and whatever. If you’re interested, follow me.

vine-android2First up is probably the most popular of the three I’m talking about. Vine. What is it? Welp, in Dante terms, it’s a sort of like a gif and video combined. Most gifs are only several seconds long and, in the case of Vine, you have the chance to record yourself or events around you. The catch is, it’s a six second window, so, to get your message across, you gotta be creative. Anyway, my name on there is DALANEL. I’ll be using it as a way to update you on the latest DALANEL stuff.

pathNext, is Path. Now, I’ve been on Path for quite some time…sort of. When WP first announced Path in publicize, I was all for it. I did some research and signed up. Problem was, it’s a social media site for mobile users. Also, my phone, Windows Phone, didn’t have the app for it. So, I was screwed. Welp, they finally released it on WP8 so I have it. However, I had already connected my blog to it so a lot of material is already there, waiting for me.

Path is aiming to be a more, intimate or personal social media site. With a friend limit of 150, it makes you more selective of who you want to connect with. So, while I would ask you to friend me on there, I completely understand if you’ve got more important people/things on your list. I respect that. In the meantime, I’ll be on there doing stuff now that I have the app. It’s as important to me as the other sites on publicize. The photo I have really sums it up nicely for how I interpret it.

socl_logo-100016001-medium1-300x146Lastly, and perhaps the least known of these updates, is Socl. Socl is Microsoft’s attempt at a social network. I signed up for it for the thrill. But, I haven’t done anything serious with it yet. Maybe I will; but, to be honest, the site looks kinda…blah. But, again, I haven’t actually played around with it yet. Shoot, I still don’t know how to post an update! But, I’m Dante Nelson on there so look me up.

Okay, so those are the updates. I guess I’m more excited about Vine than anything else. I haven’t made my own vine yet, but I’ve looked at plenty of others and have an idea of how to use it without looking like a loser.

And of course, you can follow me on other social media sites that I have listed.


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