Why my WordPress followers are my favorite

Oh Lord, what did I do!? I don’t look at my followings from various places as my kids. I do have a favorite following.

Huh, I guess I do look at you all as my kids. I know for a fact my baby sister is the favorite of the three of us. My parents deny it; but it’s true.

I guess my favorite kid is WordPress. Ya know, when I first joined WP and was trying to understand terminology, I came across publicize. You could connect your social media accounts to the blog. Apparently, the blog used at least the numbers from Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook as well as the blog itself as to give one number: You following. At least, that’s how I figured it out. When I put in the “Follow Blog” widget, when I check the little box to show the number of followers, I noticed it was bigger than the blog’s actual following. After doing some math, that’s how I came to my conclusion. I just wonder why G+, LinkedIn, and Path aren’t a part of it. But, whenever I talk about my following, I mention each of those areas in publicize.

Anyway, I saw plenty of comments as to why some bloggers aren’t really a fan of using the publicize numbers as part of the blog’s actual following. A big reasoning was that people who follow directly on WordPress are there for the blog. They specifically signed up or hit the follow button for you. On Facebook and its friends (I mean other social media sites), people may connect to you for various reasons; and the blog may not be one of them. So, you could share links but, it’s probably not going to get far.

For Facebook, I am a page; I don’t have a personal profile. So, people do like my page which means, at some level, they are interested in what I’m writing about. I use plenty of images so Tumblr loves me. G+ is so small; but the people I’m connected with are all int he writing field like me. Twitter is the same way; most of the people I follow are in sports blogging and/or Sixers fans.

In all honesty, each of the publicize options seem to be interested in what I do here at DALANEL. Still, I prefer my WP following above all.


Welp, years later, I’m starting to get it. That’s why I added a “community” widget on the blog. In case you don’t know, this widget shows off the blog’s following. Of course, this following is based off of WP users. I mean, let me be honest, you could also include people who like and/or comment on your posts as well. But, I left it at followings.

It’s you, my followers, that decided that my blog isn’t a one stop thing. Something caught your eye and you wanted more of it. As it stands, I have 147 followers here. That’s fine with me. As I approach the blog’s birthday, I’ve been reflecting on things. What makes this blog great and what set the blog back? Where are my readers coming from? Most of them appear from search engines. A lot comes from social media.

But hey, for all of my talk about getting followers, there is one thing about me you may now know: I’m usually a quality over quantity guy. Heck, I’m a quality guy over price guy. I’ll pay more if I feel like I’ll be better off in the long run. And I want followers; I do. But, I want good followers.

You never know exactly why people connect with you from other places. But, I know why you connected with me here. You like what this blog is doing. You like the team here. You absolutely adore me. Whatever it is, it was enough to click/tap that follow button.

Plus, for most of you, you’re also bloggers. You run your own blog. It’s one thing to have fans who are not in the writing/blogging field. But, I kinda see you as peers. Fellow writers/bloggers. To get a nod from you is an honor. I talked about how I’m one of very few in my circles who takes writing on a serious level; even a hobby level. I’m normally alone in the blogging world. I’ve mentioned how, at my latest book signing, how I tried to promote my blog, but people seemed to dismiss it. But not here; you guys are the closest thing I got. You get it. You know it. You understand it.

Sure, I’d tell you to follow me on social media. WP followers don’t have to though. You really don’t. Your follow here is perfect.

Right now, adding all the numbers from publicize and this blog together gets me over 1,500 followers. Cool. And, don’t get me wrong, I value each of them.

But, it’s you, the magnificent 147, that make this blog go. Those most liked posts? You. Most of the comments here? You. So I added the widget so that I can show you off. Like a parent might show off their kid’s accomplishments. They are proud. I’m proud to have the following I have. Honored. And I want people to see the awesome people that are following me. Perhaps they’ll follow you (so clean you sites up!).

Now, I gotta go; I think I hear an angry mob of other followers at my door.


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