Dante’s Opinion: Would you be ok knowing you’re a minority hire?

Alright, kids! It’s another round of questions. Our first question is from Dante:

Would you be ok knowing you’re a minority hire? I know companies do have to have a certain amount of their workforce to be minorities. If you found out that you were hired, more based off of skin than actual qualification, would you be okay with that?

Wow, good question. The only jobs I’ve had were nothing serious. I think because they were jobs that barely required anything, if I were a minority hire, I probably wouldn’t mind. But, some “better” jobs for last of word, would it matter then?

Personally, I don’t think I would mind initially. For one thing, I kinda feel like…forcing people to have to hire certain people sucks. If it just so happens that white men are the only people qualified for a position, does that mean it’s racist? But, to avoid having to deal with angry minorities, we’ve made these rules.

Being a minority hire probably means the company didn’t think I was as qualified and so my salary might be lower. That’s something I might not like; since I’m doing the same work as others not my race.

Sure, most likely we’ll never find out that we are a minority hire; at least from the people hiring us, but that’s something I think about every once in a while. And yes, I would be okay with it.

Next question is from Tom:

Can someone go by their middle name even though they normally go by their first name? Like with family can that person go by their first name and at work could they go by their middle name?

I would think so. It’s their name. First, middle (or middles because I know people have more than one middle name which I think is kinda messed up), and last.

Okay, that’s all for today. Go to the Dante’s Opinion page if you want my, Nia, or Dallas’ opinion for your question.



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