Trying Something Out…


Yeah, you may have noticed that I haven’t posted any Daily Good News this week. For Monday, I didn’t plan to because Daily Good Stuff made a little return.

Daily Good News has struggled. Its first 55 posts have under performed compared to Daily Good Stuff first 55, and these days I’m getting even more views than I did before. Don’t get me wrong, the good news isn’t going anywhere. Screw that. We need good news.

See, Monday has its motivation, Tuesday has its opinion, Wednesday has its word, and Friday is about to have a feature. Thursday’s slot is open. So, I’ll post good news on Thursday 

So, there is a possibility that I could call off the “Daily” part of the good news and just have it on Thursdays. That way, I got something for each day of the week. Saturday would probably be empty and I don’t post on Sundays. The odds of this happening are low right now but I would like to try this out.

Positives of doing this? With less time invested in the daily Good News, I can actually work more on improving the other featured posts. I’m thinking about doing a featured post on Tuesday and moving Dante’s Opinion to Saturday slot. With the extra time not dealing with DGN, it could happen.

It’s a personal dilemma. My situation would be easier if I didn’t have to go all out looking for good news every day. On the other side, I feel like, even though it’s not making the impact I hoped, it needs to be a daily series. We’ll see.

How long will this experiment run? Until the blog’s birthday, February 14th. Just a little preview, that weekend is going to be jam packed with all kinds of cool DALANEL stuff. It’s gonna be a party.

 I know things will work out for the better no matter what. Ya dig?



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