Wednesday Word: Do we question God’s sovereignty?

Boy, this was a good one in my opinion. Here’s your Wednesday Word:

So, what was he saying? One thing he said in there was that, by Children of God complaining, we can look like we are indeed not satisfied with God’s performance. And, in a lot of instances, that’s true. We tend to complain and, a part of it is us thinking we could do a better job.

It also displays a lack of faith when we complain too much. Sure, we’re going to have some bad days. But, to go about as if God isn’t working out can make God look bad to non-Christians.

And so, I say this to myself and to you fellow Christians out there: Let’s try to be content. Let’s try to trust God and believe that, despite our low points, God is God and in control. No, we don’t have to be smiling every second like someone is tickling us constantly. But, let’s be thankful for what god has already done for us.

In fact, that’s a good idea. Whenever you feel like complaining about God’s performance, just remember the many blessings He’s given to you. Remember the trials he brought you through already. He’s not going to leave you hanging now. He loves us too much to just abandon us.

Be patient.

And try not to laugh when the storms passes and you may realize “That was easier than I thought.” or, “That wasn’t so bad.” Let’s do it.



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