Good News 56: Boy saves six, dies a hero; Advancement in cancer research


I want to say, I typically stay away from people dying and making the ultimate sacrifice. That’s for reasons even I don’t understand. So, why did I change up this time? Because a kid saved the day.

Before I continue, I also want to say there’s a couple of holes in this story. However, I am not going to hit on those because I want this as positive as possible. And, again, I like the story.

An 8 year old boy died while trying to save his grandfather.

Tyler Doohan was being called a hero by firefighters on Wednesday, two days after the early morning fire tore through the grandfather’s home in a trailer park in Penfield, killing the boy, his grandfather and his uncle. Six other relatives — four adults and children ages 4 and 6 — were rescued because of Tyler’s actions, officials said.

So, Tyler was awaken by a burning blanket, the blanket belonging to the 4 year old, who turned out to be his cousin. He notified his family and they all got out. He then went back inside to try to help his pop-pop. When it was all said and done, little Tyler was just a few feet from his grandfather. There was also an uncle in another part of the trailer.

This is something extra:

An online fundraising campaign set up on has raised more than $30,000 for Tyler’s funeral.

Now, I don’t know if that fundraising campaign is still active or not but, if ya want to donate, that’d be swell.

Tyler died a hero, and that’s all that counts.

Next, there’s some advancement in the cancer front:

Dr Ricardo Del Sol, Senior Lecturer, ILS Swansea University, commented: “These results are a clear indication of the potential for PointMan to enable the use of a blood sample to assess the mutation status of cancer patients. We look forward to continuing this important work with EKF Molecular to validate our findings.”

Basically, we could have a new way of testing blood on the mutations of cancer. A better way that would mean less invasive testing for patients.

Alright, so that’s it. Bye.


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